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The Hydrojet is a modern extension of the wellness area.
This special massage technique combines water, heat and power at the touch of a button.
Numerous filigree nozzles ensure unusually invigorating wellness.
With pulsating massage movements and the warmth of the water, even deep tissue layers of the body are reached, thus promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
The well system also relaxes the muscles and dissolves unfriendly tension and all of this while lying down!

The new enjoyment

Ihre wohltuende Wirkung verdankt das System der einzigartigeThe system owes its beneficial effect to the unique combination of water, warmth and power.
The warmth of the water radiates into the deep tissue layers of the body – its blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, the muscles are loosened and tension is released.
n Verbindung von Wasser, Wärme und Kraft.
Die Wärme des Wassers strahlt bis in tiefe Gewebeschichten des Körpers – seine Durchblutung und der Stoffwechsel werden angeregt, die Muskulatur gelockert und Verspannungen gelöst.