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Sauna oasis

The indoor area has a diverse and deeply relaxing sauna program.
In addition to several sauna options such as a “Finnish sauna” or bio sauna, the wellness area of ​​the AQUARENA offers various herbal infusions, a calming sea of ​​lights and a relaxing steam bath.
In addition, there is a Roman sweat bath and a tepidarium in the relaxation oasis, which is rounded off with harmonious color compositions.
Experience showers, foot whirlpools and infrared cabins give the wellness area the appropriate spa flair.

Relaxation area

The spacious relaxation area offers you the perfect place to switch off.
After a relaxing sauna cure, you can let go of all worries there.
The direct view of the local mountains Poliknik, Cellon & Kellerwand create a closeness to the breathtaking nature of the Gail Valley.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is one of the most popular and associated types of sauna. In the wood-clad cabins, a temperature of 80 to 100 degrees is heard through water infusions. The sensual sweat bath is not only good for health, but also serves to relax.



The wood of the stone pine has several positive effects on health: It lowers the heart rate and has a calming effect on breathing. The various resins and oils contained in the wood ensure that allergy sufferers can breathe more freely in the stone pine sauna. Only open in winter.


With the relatively mild temperature of approx. 55 – 60 degrees and the smell of natural, native high mountain wood, the sanarium is a unique sauna experience.
Natural aroma infusions stimulate the purification process and at the same time care for the skin and respiratory organs.

Steam bath

The steam bath is a damp warm bath with very high humidity (up to 100%) and a low temperature (42 to 45 degrees).
The hot fog creates a very cozy and relaxing climate.
The steam bath is also used as therapy support for bronchitis, asthma, circulatory disorders, rheumatism and muscle tension.


Relax in the tepidarium at the perfect temperature between 38-40 ° C. The dry air and the relaxing resting places are perfect for recovering between sauna sessions.

Infrared Cabin

The physical effect in the infrared cabin is caused by infrared radiation that penetrates the skin and tissue and the resulting increase in body temperature. After a few minutes, the blood circulation in the infrared sauna increases and the human body begins to sweat profusely, which means that more pollutants, heavy metals and toxins escape from the body with the sweat. The skin is also better supplied with blood, which makes it appear more tender and beautiful.